About Us

Providing a highly professional and reputable debt collection service, we have over 25 years of experience, successfully working on behalf of our clients to retrieve owed debt.

AR Legal Collections Limited are a firm of experienced debt collectors headed up by Managing Director Arno Rudolf who has in excess of 25 years experience in corporate debt recovery.

Skilled in the art of negotiation, Arno and the team work in a unique style successfully recovering debt and reaching satisfactory outcomes for their clients. Our mission is to always provide our services without negatively impacting a client’s business by alienating their clients or by damaging their brand.

We pride ourselves on our approach to debtors which is always courteous, yet firm, and is never to alienate or intimidate. The service provided is always professional, personal, tailored and confidential. Clients are consulted and updated at each stage of any debt recovery process.

Unlike other agencies, we will never ask for up-front fees or administration costs  we only ever get paid when our clients do.

Having worked with an array of clients over the year, from large public limited multi-national companies, small business, sole traders and private individuals we have built up strong relationships in a number of industries, most notably in Racing and Bloodstock.

Many clients return and have over the years become friends.

Based in Hendon, north-west London we work throughout the UK as well as internationally.

Contact Us

For more information, free initial advice or a general discussion, please get in touch either by

Phone: +44 (0)20 8202 0730


Email: info@legaldebtcollectors.co.uk

Our “no collection, no fee” service allows you to employ our services without exposure to expensive legal costs.

We will not ask for any upfront fees, so you only get charged when we are successful.