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Let our experience and knowledge help you in understating how to avoid and manage bad debts. 

What To Expect When Working With A Debt Recovery Agency

You’ve come to the conclusion that you’re not going to recover the overdue invoices from your client without some professional help, and so you enlist the services of a debt recovery agency.   Here’s an overview of the collection journey. What should you expect when...

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Cash Flow Makes The Bloodstock Business Go Round

A CAUTIONARY TALE - A TRUE STORY One day an up and coming trainer is approached by a potential new owner. Their exchange goes something like this: “I would like you to buy me a yearling” says Mr Owner. “Great, we’ll meet at the October sales” says Mr Trainer. They...

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Serial Debtors

Watch Out, Watch Out!  There’s a persistent bad payer about…. See how many of these traits you can associate with the late and non-payers you've come across.... Having worked in debt management and credit control for over 25 years AR Legal have a wealth of knowledge...

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Advantages of Managed Credit Control

Protecting and maximising your business’s cash flow and revenue is essential in cutting costs, saving time and providing peace of mind. If you haven’t yet been fully introduced to the benefits of credit control here is a short overview of the ways a managed process...

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Debtors Excuses Not To Pay

There is never a cast iron guarantee that one will get paid, but it is still prudent to take certain precautions before granting credit. The excuses not to pay are a mile long and here are some of the most common and ways to counteract them. 1. “The cheque is in the...

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Alternative Dispute Resolution for the Collection of Debt

Alternative Dispute Resolution, or ADR, is a range of techniques that might be used for the collection of debt. It is intended to help parties in dispute reach a settlement, negotiating between the affected parties without the use of an arbitrator or a judge.  ADR...

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Debt Collection – Not What You Think – The Myths

AR Legal dispels the myths how a debt collection actually works. There is no doubt that debt collection agencies have a negative stigma attached to them, mainly due to the many myths that surround the industry and the tactics used. Below are our top 8 myths dispelled...

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When To Use A Debt Collector

Debt Collectors provide a type of service that can be used in circumstances where money is owed to a creditor. With their legal knowledge and experience, Debt Collectors are able to offer advice and assistance on the full range of options available to recover the...

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Key Steps To Take In Avoiding Bad Debt

If you grant credit to a limited company, make sure the company is solid. A company check costs £5.If any doubt, get a director’s personal guarantee. It is always wise to try to get a couple of trade references where possible. Have good credit control procedures in...

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Debt Collectors UK – The Charging Orders Option

The use of charging orders has often been the subject of much debate by debt collectors in the UK debt recovery industry. The number of charging orders applied for has grown in recent years and, in the past, the Citizens Advice Bureau has suggested that charging...

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Arno Rudolf stresses the similarities in satisfaction and rewards between winning on the horses and collecting debts. Arno has been collecting debts for over 35 years and knows when a gentle prod or a more stronger approach is required to ensure a quick result.

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