Debt Collection Services

We offer a set of bespoke debt collection services which can be called on individually or together depending on the requirement, the debt and the debtor.

The service provided is professional, personal, tailored and confidential. Our approach to debtors is always courteous, yet firm, and is never to alienate or intimidate the debtor.

With strict recovery routines and expert staff, the service is intended to recover funds and reduce the stress for the client.

We achieve consistently good results and believe that debtors are more likely to settle their debts promptly when confronted by experienced debt collectors with detailed knowledge of legal collection methods available. We believe this gives us an edge and advantage over other debt collection agencies.

Debt Collection Process

Our experience is that once a debtor has received our initial letters and telephone calls the debt is settled quickly and without fuss. Where a follow up is necessary, many cases are often settled by negotiation and mediation.

Clients are consulted and updated at each stage of the debt recovery process. Effective debt collection requires organisation and regular client contact and our knowledgeable and experienced staff will keep you informed of progress on a regular basis

Legal Proceedings

Our strong principle is to avoid legal proceedings whenever possible and therefore negotiation and Alternative Dispute Resolution techniques are a central part of what we do.

However, when a more robust approach is required, we can advise on the various legal options available. These range from bankruptcy, statutory demands, County Court and High Court Enforcement.

As we are not qualified to conduct litigation or carry out any reserved legal activity, we work alongside our solicitor partners who are qualified to issue claims in The County Court.

Find out more about the legal options available for debt recovery

Find out more about Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Larger Clients – Multiple Debts

We deal with a number of larger clients with multiple debts for which we have in place a bespoke collection programme.

It is our policy to ensure that the client remains fully up to date and always in control so before undertaking a collection programme, we will agree the approach through telephone calls and written correspondence and the format of the regular reports we provide.

We are registered with the Information Commissioners Office and compliant in all aspects of the Data Protection Laws.

Other Services

As well as general debt collections services we offer a range of related services:

    • finding absconders and trace individuals both in the U.K and overseas
    • put in place a regular credit control processes to reduce overdue debts
    • recover overseas debts
    • research limited company assets, and
    • undertake credit checks on limited companies and individuals


Contact Us

For more information, free initial advice or a general discussion, please get in touch either by

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Our “no collection, no fee” service allows you to employ our services without exposure to expensive legal costs.

We will not ask for any upfront fees, so you only get charged when we are successful.